As new UK Prime Minister takes office, Catholic bishops offer prayers and help


The centralized system of social protection and public services could benefit from the active participation of individuals and civil society, the cardinal said, citing the Catholic social principle of subsidiarity.

Cardinal Nichols urged all Catholics to “donate all the time and financial resources they can to charitable efforts that support those affected by the current crisis.” He praised the long tradition of Catholic schools in supporting children whose families are in difficulty.

“The work of our local parishes and Catholic charities is based on the firm belief in the inherent dignity of every person,” he said. “No one should be set aside or ‘reduced’. I am convinced that throughout this crisis, the Catholic community will do everything in its power to act on this conviction and promote this principle.

“I hope that our parish communities will always be open to those who are suffering from difficulties and who are particularly in need of companionship and spiritual support at this time,” the Cardinal continued. “They can help us understand the humility we need to have before God.”

“The spiritual needs of the poor and their special gifts must never be forgotten,” he added.

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Nichols asked for prayers for all who are suffering from the cost of living crisis. He invokes Saint Thomas More, patron saint of politicians and public life, and Saint Bernadette, patroness of the poor.

“I pray that all members of our society will work together to find ways, both short and long term, to alleviate this crisis that threatens the well-being of so many people,” he said.

During his term, Truss also had to deal with the Ukrainian crisis after the invasion of Russia. Relations between Northern Ireland and the European Union are also expected to pose challenges, as the UK’s exit from the European Union continues to pose economic and political challenges.

Kevin J. Jones is a senior writer for Catholic News Agency. He was the recipient of an Egan Journalism Fellowship from Catholic Relief Services in 2014.


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