Bishop Pfeifer: Catholic bishops must hold Biden accountable after Roe


He added that he particularly encouraged his fellow bishops to reach out to Biden, Pelosi and other elected officials to urge them “not to enact any law or policy that would promote abortion.”

At the same time, he stressed the need to accompany and support pregnant women in difficult situations.

“I encourage all our priests at the parish level to provide assistance to women who are pregnant and in particular who are considering abortion,” he said, “such as offering them financial assistance, especially asking mothers to return visiting these women, praying with them, offering to help them with their many domestic needs and by providing resources within their community.

In his pastoral statement, Pfeifer called on pro-lifers in general to speak out in defense of the character of the unborn. The pro-life movement, starting with the bishops, he added, should also be more concerned about women struggling with pregnancy.

“The personality of the unborn child is the fundamental issue with the true meaning of motherhood as the abortion discussion continues,” he said.

He also called on dioceses to unite in pro-life advocacy.

“Each diocese should bring our people together at the parish level, to serve God’s great plan of love for everyone unborn and unborn,” he wrote. “And, for families and to build a society and economy that supports marriages and families where every woman has the support and resources she needs to lovingly bring her child into the world.”

In particular, he called on pro-lifers to support pregnancy resource centers that help both mothers and children in need and to get involved politically.

“All pro-lifers must work with governors and elected officials in every state to enact legislation that will provide financial, social and human support to all women during pregnancy, covering hospital costs and providing medical assistance , financial and educational needs for every newborn throughout childhood,” he added.

He pointed to Texas, which passed a “heartbeat” abortion ban while, at the same time, provided millions of dollars in aid to mothers and children in need.

Pfeifer emphasized that science supports Catholic teaching on human life.

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“That God’s precious unborn children are truly human beings, persons, has been our Catholic belief for centuries, and recently scientific technology has repeatedly confirmed our belief that a new human being begins at the design,” Pfeifer wrote.

The unborn child in the womb has its own unique DNA – and an eternal soul, he wrote.

“This little one cries out, ‘I am terribly, wonderfully made,'” he said, quoting Psalm 139.

“May we engage with Christ and his mother through urgent prayer, fasting, dialogue and pastoral action so that our country and every state upholds the dignity of every unborn child,” he said. concluded, before adding in capital letters: “THE CHILD TO BE BORN COUNT ON US.

Read the full text of the Bishop Emeritus’ pastoral letter below.


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