‘Burn the police stations’, Latin Catholic priests incite crowds in Vizhinjam


Kerala Police have said they will investigate the Latin Catholic priest’s threat to burn down police stations. Criminal pastors led by Saju Roldon threatened to burn down Vizhinjam police station if protesters were caught. The city’s police commissioner, Sparjan Kumar, said he had started investigating the incident. Protesters led by the Latin Catholic Church want Adani to drop the 7,500 crore project.

Images of the anti-national rants of the bigoted Christian priest and his supporters encouraging him are circulating on social media. At the same time, many people came out to protest against such moves by the Latin Archdiocese.

Earlier, residents claimed that the priests were deliberately trying to create conflict by using the strike against the Vizhinjam project for political purposes. They alleged that the protesters were receiving foreign funding. A powerful foreign lobby is at work that wants to block these major projects and thwart the country’s momentum.

The people of Vizhijam are not conducive to unrest. People are looking forward to the growth of the region. They said it was unfortunate to abandon such an important project at the last minute. They believe that poor sinners have been made to suffer because the church is afraid of losing control over them.

Those opposed to the protests said Eugene Pereira, vicar general of the Latin Archdiocese of Thiruvananthapuram, and Theodosius D’Cruz, organizer of the movement, are inciting the fishermen. They carried out the attack on the poor fishworkers by delivering fanatical hate speech on the beach at Mulloor, where the harbor approaches. Mulloor natives said that these bishops were trying to create communal trouble to prevent Hindus from celebrating Onam.

They promised they would burn the effigy of these priests on Monday, September 5, at 5 p.m. Thugs associated with the church destroyed posters that were posted about it. The police arrested six criminals who were engaged in these acts of violence, and it was then that the priests incited their followers to attack the police stations. Since the area is now under the control of sectarian priests, neutral media are denied access.

Local media are busy stirring up passion and reporting on the hunger strike, but failed to show the calls to burn down police stations. The so-called fishermen, who are not locals, protested against the construction of Vizhinjam port and started a hunger strike on September 8, Thiruvonam Day. The hunger strike took place, alleging that the government had deceived them. The protest took place at the port gate, where they laid empty banana leaves and held a fast.

Poonthura fishermen protest today. The chief minister and the cabinet sub-committee held several talks with the protesters, but the issue was not resolved. The protest is still raging around the demonstrators’ demand for a halt to the construction of the port and a study on coastal erosion.

Earlier this month, priests from several Latin churches read a circular in several churches urging worshipers to continue the Vizhinjam port strike. The move came immediately after the High Court issued an interim order to provide police protection for the Vizhinjam port construction. The High Court also clarified that if the police could not provide protection, they could request assistance from the central forces. The church claimed authorities sided with the port contractor and secured a temporary injunction order against the fishermen.

Meanwhile, the Latin Church has announced a blockade strike until September 13. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan opposed the strike. He said Vizhinjam Port is an important project and added that he could not stop the construction. Yet the police also failed to take action against the criminal priests or call for more central security forces. The whole area is now under the control of priests and their minions.

Although the High Court’s interim order was aimed at maintaining law and order, the police lack to expel protesters from the site. “We are losing Rs 2 crore per day due to stalled work. The protests hit us as we cruised at a higher speed. We are here for development, and the project will change the face of southern Bharat. The country will occupy a crucial position on the global maritime map,” said Rajesh Jha, CEO of Adani Vizhinjam Port Pvt Limited.

The first ships were due to dock at Vizhinjam port later this year, but church fanatics have spoiled Kerala’s plans for the future. When will the government act against such anti-nationals?

We know that the Chinese took advantage of the closure of the Sterlite Copper factory near Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu. They also control the international port of Hambantota in neighboring Sri Lanka. The Koodankulam nuclear power station, which now supplies power to all southern Bharat states, has also been delayed for several years. Incidentally, the church was behind all these “protests”. We also know the soft corner the local communists have for China. Another Vatican-Beijing partnership in sight?


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