Catholic Bishops in Africa urged to be ‘more engaged in advocating for good policies’


He referred to the Catholic Bishops in Nigeria who have the injustices decried in the West African nation and called on the government to take responsibility and protect citizens.

“Let me not give the impression that this is not happening,” said the co-founder of the West African Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) in reference to Catholic Church leaders who are speaking out against evil in society.

“I follow closely how our bishops continue to speak out sometimes at the cost of being kidnapped and priests killed as has happened in Nigeria,” he said, and added, “The challenge is to wondering how the Church as a whole can be in solidarity in action and prayer with the countries where such atrocities take place.

Furthermore, Mr. Bombande said, “The Church should also participate to be the intermediary of dialogue and consensus building to overcome social, economic and political divisions in our countries.”

“The challenges of terrorism and insurgency in Africa are not isolated from the many other challenges plaguing Africa,” he said.

He went on to highlight other challenges on the continent, saying, “Vulnerable groups, women, youth without paid employment and informal workers have been disproportionately affected.”

Other challenges Ghana’s former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration highlighted in his July 26 presentation include climate change and the effects of COVID-19.

“All of these are drivers of terrorism as extremist groups exploit vulnerabilities to radicalize and recruit young people to engage in terrorist activities,” Mr. Bombande said in reference to the various challenges facing the people of God in Africa. is confronted.

He continued: “Our weaknesses are further exacerbated by poor governance exercised by leaders who, rather than uniting people around a common goal and determined to face Africa’s challenges, to exclude others, to divide and manipulate state institutions to maintain political power.

Addressing terrorism and the insurgency in Africa, Mr. Bombande criticized the prioritization of military operations, which he said were aimed at wiping out jihadist groups and that they were not successful.


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