Catholic priests told not to perform exorcisms on Covid patients despite requests


The pandemic has caused people to try just about anything to eradicate Covid in order to return to pre-pandemic life – including asking to undergo an exorcism to get rid of the disease.

Catholic priests have received an “overwhelming” number of requests from coronavirus patients to perform exorcisms to eradicate the infection.

However, the Church has now urged around 400 priests attending the 15th Exorcist Convention in Rome and others beyond not to perform the supernatural act on those infected.

According to The Daily Beast, trained Spanish exorcist Father Miguel Martin said priests were increasingly receiving requests for exorcism from people sick with COVID, but the Church has publicly told them not to do so. end of October.

Priests have strict guidelines for excorcisms

Martin said: “We have in no way been told to have to perform the rite on a COVID patient.”

Italian father Gian Matteo Roggio told the Daily Telegraph: “We have seen an increase in requests for exorcisms because the pandemic has made people more vulnerable to the idea that Satan or an evil entity has taken control of their lives. .

“People fell into poverty, they found themselves suffering from anxiety and depression. They feel that their life is no longer in their hands but in the hands of an evil force. It’s a big crisis. “

patients with Covid-19
Covid patients desperately try to get priests to rid them of the infection

The Vatican has strict guidelines on when and how priests can even consider exorcism as an option.

The priest performing the exorcism ritual must have appropriate training, and the Church requires that the person requesting the exorcism has undergone comprehensive medical tests.

Priests can only attempt exorcism after doctors have ruled out all possible physical or mental illness before it can be considered “true demonic possession.”

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