Chucky Creator Teases Killer Doll Against The Catholic Church In Season 2


In its time on the big screen chucky has found itself entangled in many other horror subgenres beyond slasher, and season two of the TV series will add another to the list. Speaking in an intro video for the show’s TCA panel this year, series creator Don Mancini explained how the new episodes will tackle a new “base” for its story, soaking up films from Catholic horror. Citing influences from the omen at The Exorcist which “draw from the dogma and trappings of the Catholic Church”, Mancini teased that it would bring a new feel and tone to the franchise while also providing Chucky with unique new victims.

“Just having Chucky interact with nuns and priests felt inherently fun to me,” the series creator noted. “One of the funny things about the Catholic Church is that they believe in the supernatural, but think they have all the answers and then come up against a different kind of god…For Chucky intersects with that, I think it’s just really interesting One of the things we’ve always found is that Chucky is often at his most entertaining when he’s subverting the status quo or and or tackling tricks of authority and pierces that kind of unthinking confidence that our hypocrisy that is people or institutions, so it’s a fun arena to unleash Chucky.”

Mancini teased that the new season’s Catholic horror is partly rooted in the fact that he was raised Catholic. He added: “As a kid, you take it very seriously. The first time (that I witnessed the confession) was something I will never forget. And as a young gay man of course , it touched me… I was really a good boy , kind of a straight arrow and I remember saying ‘Bless me father, for I have sinned… uh, I think I asked my mother to put up the Christmas tree?

chuckyThe second season will once again welcome Devon Sawa to the cast, this time playing an all-new role, one of the priests who will be at the center of the story. Hannibal star Lara Jean Chorostecki is also set to join the season two cast, playing one of the strict nuns seen in the show’s new trailer. The entire first season of chucky is streaming now on Peacock, look for season two to arrive on SYFY and USA Network on October 9.


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