Community tension in Nadanpur village in Maqsudan as the Catholic church is vandalized by disbelievers


The row over church vandalism has intensified in Punjab after a Catholic church in the village of Nadanpur in Maqsudan was vandalized. The vandalism of Jalandhar Maqsudan church comes days after a statue of Lord Jesus was destroyed by a group of disbelievers in Tarn Taran. The vandalism took place in the Catholic church in the village of Nandanpur, near the Maqsudan police station. According to reports, disbelievers broke the glasses of the Catholic Church and also vandalized many properties belonging to the church.

According to the director of Church, the vandalism of their place of worship by the disbelievers is an attempt to hurt the feelings of Christian brotherhood. Furthermore, the director of the church warned the administration that if such incidents do not stop, they will stage large-scale protests against them. The official also added that such action and reaction can spoil the community atmosphere of Punjab and then the police will be held responsible.

After the vandalism of Jalandhar Maqsudan Church surfaced, Maqsudan Police Station SHO Manjit Singh Randhawa went to the spot with his police team. According to our information, a can has been registered and the police have begun their investigation. Although the police became aware of the case, communal tensions prevailed in the village of Nandanpur. The manager has asked SSP Jalandhar Dehati Santdeep Singh to seriously investigate the matter and ensure the ‘strictest punishment’ for the culprits.

Watch Jalandhar Maqsudan Catholic Church Vandalism Video

Punjab, Tarn Taran: vandalized church, statue of the Lord Jesus destroyed, pastor’s car burned; Watch the video

Vandalism of the Tarn Taran church

Church vandalism is not new in Punjab. A few days ago, communal tensions erupted after a group of people broke into a church in Tarn Taran and vandalized the statue of the Lord Jesus and Mother Mary. Not only that, but the pastor’s car parked inside the church premises was also set on fire. The shocking incident took place in Thakarpur village of Tarn Taran. The Tarn Taran church vandalism incident took place after the Akal Takht Jathedar, head of the highest temporal seat of the Sikhs, issued a statement against “forced conversions” of Sikhs by Christian missionaries. Notably, two days before the Tarn Taran Church vandalism incident, Nihang Sikhs had also protested the “forced conversion”.

Prior to the incident, an ongoing program of Christians in Jandiala Guru village, Dandua was also stopped by the Nihangs. A case was filed against 150 Nihangs after this incident as they destroyed everything in the program. The Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib, Giani Harprit Singh had issued a statement opposing the government to register the case against Nihangs. He said, “Christian priests deceive Hindus and Sikhs out of hypocrisy and convert them. Several times, Nihangs complained about it, but the government did not listen to them.


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