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So now the Catholic Church is turning parishes into “families,” overcharging the remaining priests until they are forced to retire or burn out.

As the Catholic Church continues to decline, consolidate, sell and close buildings, other denominations are constructing or buying buildings to accommodate the increase in their “families”, even having to rent movie theaters during special holidays to accommodate attendance. It is ironic that some old Catholic churches have been bought up by other denominations who have no problem filling the same buildings. Some even have annexes that simulcast services to avoid overcrowding.

The writing is on the wall. The Catholic Church must adapt to the times and modernize before being devoured.

Let the priests get married, let the women become priests, get rid of all the stupid and antiquated customs that scare away the young, stick to religious matters and stay away from hot political issues.

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Why do churches such as The Chapel have to hire parking lot attendants and traffic controllers during their services due to the volume of people attending their services?

Fun fact: the average age of a Catholic is 73, the average age of a “chapel” parishioner is 28 (as of March 2020).

Young people are looking for religion, and the Catholic Church, due to its outdated customs, mandates and norms, continues to push them away while wasting time, energy and money trying to find a way to increase attendance.

Just look at the attendance at the recent “Kingdom Bound” event held recently. It was so refreshing to see the pictures in The Buffalo News of all the young people earnestly praying and enjoying true Christian fellowship. By the way, was there a Catholic representation at this event?

It is obvious that children are looking for a religious place to belong.


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