Letter: The Catholic Church should pay more attention to the teachings of Jesus | Letters


I am constantly amazed at how often leaders of the Catholic Church use their personal beliefs to bend religion. Clergy who have molested children remain priests with communion privileges, but women like Nancy Pelosi are deprived of them. This recent proclamation is yet another grand occasion that reflects badly on the Church.

The history of the clergy in its treatment of women is atrocious. For example, the common practice in the 15th century was to burn so-called witches at the stake. Another obvious error is that despite the wealth of disputed evidence from biblical scholars, many priests still refer to Mary Magdalene as a prostitute. Today, for the more mature, she is known as “the Apostle of the Apostles”. Denying women the priesthood, the right to birth control or safe abortion are just some of the rules used to proclaim power over women today.

By studying the teachings of Jesus, one clearly sees his chosen path of love, compassion and non-judgment. Jesus was widely known for denouncing people like the Archbishop of San Francisco for his abuse of power and self-righteousness.

It is obvious that the old boys club of the Catholic Church wants to maintain its exclusivity. There is a great fear of a woman’s strength, power and spirit. If only more Christian leaders today would catch up with the teachings of Jesus.


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