Nagaland: St Clare’s Catholic Church Celebrates a Titular Feast


Press release

Nagaland, August 23: Saint Clare’s feast was celebrated at the Akuluto Catholic Church on August 21.

The main celebrant was Father John Peter of Saint Francis of Assisi Lazami Convent. In his introduction, he explained the story of Saint Clare being the patroness of television. He said: ‘One Christmas Eve, Claire was so ill she couldn’t even get out of bed to go to mass. While the other sisters went to mass, she stayed in bed praying to be able to participate in mass. with his prayer. At that time, the Lord granted her a miraculous vision and she was able to see the mass, even though it was far from where it was taking place, as if it were taking place in her own room. In 1958, when Pope Pius XII was trying to find a saint to name as patron for the wonderful new invention called Television, he remembered this incident in the life of Saint Clare. Since “television” means “far vision” in Greek, Clare was chosen as patroness.

Father Hubert Sangtam preached a touching homily in the Sema language. He said: “Saint Clare after having decided to follow Christ in the footsteps of Saint Francis, she never looked back. Her wealth did not prevent her from loving the Lord. She found true Joy in Jesus alone.

The sanctuary was adorned with 15 priests including 12 Capuchins and 2 diocesan priests. Capuchins, namely Father Isaac Baptist Rodrigues, provincial delegate of the delegation of the Child Jesus in Nagaland Manipur. First and Second Counselors Father Paul Inashe Parish Priest of Lazami Church, Father Brayan Dsouza Parish Priest of Tamlu Church. Father Joslie from Tamlu, Father Gerald Veigas, Father Vincent Serravo, Father Vika Chishi from Dimapur Capuchin House.

Two diocesan priests were Father Isaac Swu, pastor of Agunato, regional animator and Father Ashiko Abraham, pastor of the church of Atoizu.

St Clare’s Church also witnessed the presence of nuns from the Agunato, Zunheboto and Atoizu convents. On this occasion, about 35 students and staff of Nagaland Lumami University were present for the celebration.

Father Stephen Dsouza, parish priest of Akuluto, thanked the fathers, sisters and faithful for their devout presence. Fr. John Peter the main celebrant, Fr. Hubert the preacher, Fr. Isaac Rodrigues the provincial delegate, Fr. Paul Inashe and Fr. Brayan Dsouza the first and second counselors were honored by Fr. Stephen, Fr. Johnson and Fr. James. Mr. Kughato Justin, GB of the GA colony, who is also a Catholic member of the Akuluto Catholic Church, was honored by Fr. Stephen, Fr. Johnson and Fr. James with a bouquet and a Sumi shawl.

Fr Stephen thanked Vikishe Peter the President, Aboto Cathechist, Matthew and Agoli the Treasurers and the whole Catholic community for cleaning the surroundings, decorating and preparing the sumptuous meal on the occasion of the feast. He expressed words of gratitude to Father Johnson and Father James for helping to prepare for St. Clare’s feast. He thanked Sr Alphonsa and Sr Senorita for helping to cook in the convent, the staff of St Clare School for their presence.

Speaking about the choir, he said, “Today we have little angels who come from heaven. They are hoteliers from St Clare. He thanked them for their melodious singing.

There was also a small program organized by the Catholic community. Likivi was the anchor of the event. All priests and nuns were honored by the community with a bouquet. Sir Vikram’s Hostellers and St Clare’s Hostellers sang songs of praise and worship and danced to the traditional tune. On the occasion of the feast, a sumptuous meal was served prepared by the Catholic community of Akuluto.


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