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Which U.S. bishops have spoken publicly in support of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s May 20 announcement barring Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of San Francisco?

So far, only a small minority of U.S. bishops have spoken publicly in favor of Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone’s May 20 announcement that he is barring Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, her home diocese, until she repudiated her longstanding advocacy of abortion.

There are 194 dioceses and archdioceses in the United States. Here is a list of bishops who have come out in favor of Cordileone’s action, as of May 23. Please send updates, with links to online statements if available, to [email protected]


Diocese of Oakland

Diocese of Santa Rosa

Bishop Robert Vasa said May 20 that he had spoken to the pastor of St. Helena Catholic Church in St. Helena, a parish Pelosi reportedly attended on occasion.

Archbishop Vasa said, “I visited the pastor of St. was not free to ignore it”.

“The new Canon (1379 §4) specifies that giving the sacraments to a person prohibited from receiving them [has] its own possible penalties,” he said.


Denver Archdiocese


Springfield Diocese


Archdiocese of Kansas City

Bishop Joseph Naumann issued the following statement on May 20:

“I applaud the patient and persevering efforts of Bishop Cordileone to
enlighten President Pelosi on the moral gravity of her extreme efforts to promote, defend, and initiate legislation to enshrine legalized abortion in federal law. I fully support the pastoral and courageous actions that Archbishop Cordileone has now taken in an effort to awaken the conscience of President Pelosi and at the same time to protect Catholics in the Archdiocese of San Francisco and throughout the country from confusion by President Pelosi’s radical support for abortion, while claiming to be a faithful Catholic. I pray that President Pelosi changes her mind.”


Lincoln Diocese


Archdiocese of Oklahoma City


Diocese of Baker

Bishop Liam Cary released the following statement May 20:

“Rep. Nancy Pelosi proudly combines the ‘devout’ practice of the Catholic faith in her personal life with the high-profile promotion of legalized abortion in her political life. The outrageous discrepancy between belief and behavior on the part of the Speaker of the House gravely misleads his co-religionists about Catholic teaching on social justice and seriously handicaps Catholic efforts to defend unborn life in the womb.

“Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone repeatedly brought these sad facts to Rep. Pelosi’s attention and called on her to repent. In response, the President defiantly doubled down on her uncompromising plea for unlimited abortion, thus offering as an example to Catholic politicians who deliberately stray from the saving clarity of the gospel of life. At the same time, by choosing to actively ally with the most extreme proponents of abortion, the Representative Pelosi unilaterally severed communion with Archbishop Cordileone and the flock he leads and withdrew from communion with the Church.

“In a letter addressed to the President on May 19, Bishop Cordileone recognized this sad rupture for what it is and made her aware of its consequences: she must not come to Holy Communion until she has not publicly renounced his support for abortion, makes a sacramental confession and receives absolution. These terms invite Rep. Pelosi back to fellowship and show her the way forward on the Church’s terms, not her own. May our merciful Lord grant him the grace to accept them. May he strengthen Bishop Cordileone to walk the path of courage with confidence.”


Diocese of Tyler

washington state

Spokane Diocese


Diocese of Green Bay

Diocese of Madison

Archbishop Donald Hying backed Archbishop Cordileone saying, “I fully support Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s cautious decision to acknowledge that Speaker of the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, has consistently taken public stances in favor of legal abortion, contrary to her professed Catholic faith. , choosing to separate from full communion with the Catholic Church, and therefore must not appear for the reception of Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Bishop Hying said that “Cordileone’s public statement made it clear that this serious measure is ‘purely pastoral, not political’ in a further attempt” to help her understand the grave wrong she is committing, the scandal she cause and the danger to it. her own soul that she risks…’”

This is a developing story. It was last updated on May 24.


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