Who are the American Catholic bishops to judge the value of others for communion? (Your letters)



For the publisher:

After reading the Associated Press article by David Crary regarding the upcoming United States Bishops Conference discussion of who is worthy to receive Holy Communion and who is not, I got this reaction. : How dare they? God, and God alone, who knows what each one carries in his soul.

The bishops of this country continue to show clerical arrogance when it comes to Catholics sitting on the benches and lining up for communion. This clerical arrogance was painfully exposed to Catholics around the world when the cover-up of the sexual abuse of children by priests finally came to light. It was at this point that the American bishops lost moral authority over anyone.

For decades bishops, archbishops, and yes, even popes, covered up what many Catholics knew was going on in their individual parishes. Secret files have been locked up by bishops who have taken it upon themselves to discreetly move priests who are known to be sexual predators of children in their dioceses instead of handing them over to judicial authorities. Yet they continue to wave their mitres and red hats at the world when it comes to the issue of abortion. Are the priests and bishops guilty of this massive cover-up able to pass judgment on others? Is there anyone among them who is sinless and able to “lay the foundation stone”?

If denying politicians communion on the basis of their personal beliefs about abortion becomes church policy, then maybe we who sit on the benches and walk solemnly down the aisles to receive Jesus into the church. ‘Eucharist, should be afraid of being exposed if it is discovered that we have voted for these candidates. Additionally, will disconnected bishops begin to deny Communion to politicians whose voting records show support for LGBTQ issues, including marriage? What about the Catholics who support the death penalty, which the Church opposes as much as she opposes abortion. Are these same bishops planning to deny Communion to these people as well?

I have great news for the United States Bishops’ Conference, that a multitude of practicing Catholics who support the president and others who believe in a woman’s right to choose, are receiving the Eucharist regularly. Will our priests and laity distributing Communion have the authority to refuse it to anyone whom they know supports the definition of bishops as less than perfect? Are those bishops and priests who have covered things for the last 20, 50, 100 years and more able to pass judgment on anyone?

The Catholic Church, including the Diocese of Syracuse, has been losing for decades those it calls “the faithful”. A gesture that further prevents receiving Communion and stamps scarlet letters on the forehead will certainly make those who are already disillusioned with the church leave in haste.

So, before the United States Bishops’ Conference demands that individual pastors tell us who is worthy of Jesus, perhaps they should look inside their own souls to see if they are themselves. worthy.

Allison Palermo-Record

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